25 years and counting…..

Beaded 25th anniversary card

As I look back on the 25 years my husband and I have spent together, I can’t help but think how truly blessed we have been. My brother Eddie took this photo of us as we were rushing back to the car as it began raining. That is where our journey began.
Today I am very grateful and look forward to the road ahead as we walk it together.
(photo on this card has been covered with clear micro beads)


For a written tutorial in PDF, click here

Fall is here

fall leaf card
Fall is here whether we like it or not. Instead of getting depressed at the thought of the upcoming Holiday madness or the blistery snow. I chose to celebrate by making this card.

All the best,
DianeFor tutorial in PDF, click here

It’s a New Day

Stamped Scene Sunrise Card

Here is a card I made using Stampscapes stamps. The card was made for my brother-in-law Philip, who just have quadruple bypass surgery and has a new lease on life. The doctors are amazed at his recovery! “you can’t keep a good Irishman down!”

The language of text messaging

Text Message card design

I’m not big on text messaging but it’s funny how our vocabulary is reduced to the point where you can communicate a whole sentence in just a few letters , BRB (Be right back) JK (Just kidding) IDTS (I don’t think so) OMG (Oh my God!) So I thought it would be fun to use my monogram stamper from Justrite Stampers to create a sentiment using some texting shortcuts.
Have a nice week (despite the fact that Mr Groundhog is giving us 6 more weeks of Winter!!)