Fall Leaf Cookies

Fall Leaf Cookies
Even though Fall seems to be speeding by, I wanted to take some time to make my famous-in-the-family
Fall Leaf Cookies. I used to love bringing them to my Children’s class for their celebrations and to friend’s houses. Yes they take time, but there is a lot of love in them, just as the crafts we make take a lot of time to produce, but they are expressions of love and care that can not be compared to anything store bought.
All the best,

Diane Long


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    • Sorry Jen, you are right. I did this post a few years ago when I was new to blogging. You can use any sugar cookie recipe you may have. Just divide the dough into 4 balls, add a color to each and knead to blend (yellow, green, red, orange) Pull bits of dough off each ball, line bits up in rows on counter, roll out, twist a bit to blend colors and start cutting out shapes with cookie cutter.Thanks!

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