Not Just Cardmaking, Create a Cherished Keepsake

Graduation card
Most of us have that box of keepsakes in our closet of cherished mementos. Filled with notes, cards, ticket stubs and the like. We hold on to the things that are important to us because they have meaning. When creating a card for someone special, take time to customize it so it speaks to them.
This graduation card was done in the school colors of the recipient, and the year added. It’s a special year for them and you’d be hard pressed to find a card in the store with that detail.
If you are making a special card you can incorporate the style of the decade they were married, or born in, include a scanned photo printed on vellum or acetate. Find an embellishment that reflects the industry of the new job they just landed, and more.
In creating this card I stamped the verse in black ink. the cap and diploma was stamped off in red (first stamped on scrap paper then stamped over verse without re-inking) The numbers were dry embossed on vellum with Stencils by Ecstasy Crafts Because it was on vellum it was easy to do and line up vertically. I simply took a piece of scrap vellum and traced the numbers with a pencil so they lined up.Turned it to the reverse, lined up the stencil to the number, then layered the good vellum over the top. Dry embossed with stylus tool, making sure the strip of paper was long enough to fold around the back of the red piece and attached with tape.
Hope your next card creation will be a cherished keepsake.
All the best,

Diane Long