Yeast Recipes Made Easy

Yeast Recipes Made Easy

I just love to bake! Any warm sweet treats in the oven have my family running to the kitchen. Whether it’s cookies, muffins cakes or pies. No wonder recipes are the number one search on Pinterest! When scouring recipes, I often come across breads and baked goods requiring yeast. I was especially intrigued with the Pizza recipes. I loved the idea of making pizza dough in batches to freeze.

But, you know what happens when working with a recipe that requires yeast, you need to heat the water to an optimum temperature of between 110-120 degrees. (check package directions as brands differ)  So…..  you turn on the faucet until the water feels warm, test it and find it’s not quite hot enough.  You put it in the microwave for a few seconds, and it’s still not hot enough, so you put it in for a few more seconds. Now it’s too hot! So you add a bit of cold water. Back and forth you go trying to reach the magic number

The trick to avoiding all of this is by simply starting with water that’s always at a consistent temperature. Whether you get water from your refrigerator’s water dispenser or you keep a pitcher of water in the fridge, this is the water you want to use. Although the temperature of this water can fluctuate, It should only be slight.

Getting the water just right

Microwave it for 45 seconds. Take the temperature, put in for another 20 seconds or so, until you’ve reached the allowable range. Add up the total time it was in the microwave. Now take another cup of cold water from the fridge and microwave that for the total time you recorded for the other cup of water. Take the temperature and it should also be in the allowed range. This is your magic number! Right it with a Sharpie marker on the jar of yeast, stick it to the door of the fridge or put in your favorite cookbook. Now when you want to make a recipe calling for yeast, you just stick it in the microwave once, check the temperature, and the water should be just right.

Water Temp, Yeast Recipes Made Easy

Water Temp, Yeast Recipes Made Easy

Regardless of how much water the recipe may call for, as long as it’s a cup or less you will have the perfect temp, just pour out the excess.

Remember, whenever you replace your refrigerator or microwave, you’ll have to do this procedure all over again as appliances vary.

So, put away your doubts and start surfing Pinterest for some great yeast recipes.  One of my family’s favorites is Heritage English Muffin Toast

All the best,

Diane Long