Metal Madness

Projects made with Craft Metal

I just love working with metal!! Tried the new metal tools from Walnut Hollow and they are just fantastic! You can draw freehand, use textured stencils or put through your die cut machine. The kit also comes with great metal scissors. 
Enjoy your day.

The language of text messaging

Text Message card design

I’m not big on text messaging but it’s funny how our vocabulary is reduced to the point where you can communicate a whole sentence in just a few letters , BRB (Be right back) JK (Just kidding) IDTS (I don’t think so) OMG (Oh my God!) So I thought it would be fun to use my monogram stamper from Justrite Stampers to create a sentiment using some texting shortcuts.
Have a nice week (despite the fact that Mr Groundhog is giving us 6 more weeks of Winter!!)