When Something You Create Becomes Meaningful

Homemade donuts

Holiday traditions can be time consuming, a lot of work and very inconvenient. It becomes so easy in our busy lifestyles to say “oh, let’s just skip that tradition this year”. Yet, we said that last year too, and what about the year before?

Our family, like many others, have members who not only remembered the traditions that were handed down, they kept them going faithfully through the years. Until the years got to be too many, and they were no longer able to tackle them.

I didn’t want another year to go by, another party to go by, without mom’s famous donuts being served. Did they take a long time? yes, Was it kind of a pain to do? somewhat, but it was SO well worth it!

It wasn’t just donuts, it’s what they represented. It was a display of the past, and a promise to carry on what is inconvenient but oh so important in the future.

I hope you get a chance to create something meaningful today.

All the best,

Diane Long



When Something You Create Becomes Meaningful — 26 Comments

  1. I love traditions for the holidays, especially those cakes or cookies that Grandma or Mom made. Those should be shared with our families so they aren’t forgotten and can go on through the generations.

  2. How lovely that you choose to continue family traditions. They are such an important part of what ties the generations together. We, too, have certain family traditions, mostly involving holidays, that have passed down from our parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. We hope to not only pass on the tradition but its meaning and importance, along with the stories of our family to create that same tie in our own children.

  3. WOW! These look amazing. Traditions are a huge thing for me with my kids.. we always go see Christmas lights at different houses around the holidays.. Nothing like paying it forward ๐Ÿ™‚ TFS! Visiting from #sscnet

    • Thanks Melissa, we always loved driving around to see the lights. just on our way home Christmas Eve. The kids would almost burst with anticipation to see what Santa left while we were gone.

  4. They look so yummy! The matriarch of our family sadly passed away this spring. As a family we have all come together for Christmas every year but over the last few years it has been more and more diffcult as my generation have their own families now and we’ve really only been getting together for Granny’s sake. Now she is gone I know we will all go our separate ways this year but it makes me sad as it’s always been my favourite day of the year. I am the oldest of my generation and even though I don’t have children maybe, when it comes time for me to be matriarch, I can re-start some more family minded traditions!

    • Thanks so much, I hope you are able to get together this year. I know it helped me if I practiced some of these old recipes at a time before the holiday so I wasn’t under pressure to get it just right

  5. Our family makes a candy called opera roll. I’ll have to make it and post a recipe blog on it it’s so amazing. But none of us eat sugar. Still every couple years we dedicate a day to candy making for the sake of this family tradition and all the girls get together and cook. It feels nice to do even if it’s against all of our diets. We give away most of the candy.

  6. I’m a big fan of family tradition, it keeps the nostalgia and ancestry alive, and just makes holidays all that much more special and closer to heart! Thanks for sharing your lovely tradition, makes me all the more anticipated for the up coming holidays!

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